Baile Mháirtín, Contae Luimnigh

Return to School Protocols


Parents will be required to complete a Covid-19 Declaration on Aladdin for each child prior to school return.

Morning Drop Off

  • Please ensure your child washes their hands each morning before they leave for school and arrive to school in a visibly clean uniform.
  • There will be a strict drop off time of 8.30 each morning. While teachers will be present on the school grounds prior to this time, to open the school and classrooms, children may not begin to enter the school.
  • A mask must be worn by parents when exiting your car, once children have disembarked please return to your car.
  • Parents are not permitted passed the school gate at any time, unless an appointment has been arranged with a teacher.

After School Collection

  • Junior and Senior Infants will exit the school at 1.30 each day. Ms. Flynn will escort them to the school gate, parents are asked to please wait in their car until the children exit the building. Please wear a mask when exiting your car.
  • Exit times for all other classes will be staggered as follows:

1st & 2nd class: 2.20     3rd & 4th class: 2.25     5th & 6th class: 2.30

Class teachers will escort children to the school gate, again we ask parents to stay at your car and children will walk to you via footpath.

  • Please ensure you arrive on time and are ready to collect your child/children at these times.
  • We advise parents to ensure children change out of their school uniform immediately when they arrive home each day.

Visiting/Contacting the School

  • Visits to the school will be strictly be appointment only. If you need to inform a class teacher of a child’s appointment/early collection/change to collection arrangements etc. please leave a message on the Aladdin noticeboard for the class teacher.
  • If at any stage throughout the school year you require to speak with the class teacher in relation your child please leave an Aladdin noticeboard message requesting a callback. Your class teacher will make contact with you directly.
  • In case of an emergency during the school day please phone the school mobile on 086 4106238 or landline: 063 88146.
  • If you need to drop a forgotten item to the school during the day, e.g. lunch/coat, please leave item in a bag (with child’s name on the bag) on the table at the front door and ring the buzzer.

In Class Measures

  • Hand sanitising units will be mounted at the entrance and exit of each classroom. Children will be asked to sanitise their hands each time they enter and exit a classroom.
  • Children may bring their own sanitiser to school, with their name clearly labelled on it.
  • Children will not share/swap books with each other in class.
  • Books will be stored at each child’s desk.
  • Children will not share pencils/colours/scissors etc. All items must be individually labelled. (*any unlabelled item found may be binned).

We ask that parents be vigilant of the essential items your child needs for school and replenish promptly as needed.