School Info

Principal: Mrs. Majella Clarke      Deputy Principal: Mrs. Lisa Kirby
Teachers: Ms. Majella Clarke, Mr. Barry Gilbourne, Ms. Roisin Anglim, Mrs. Lisa Kirby, Ms. Lucy Butler, Mrs. Joan Coakley (shared Learning Support Teacher)
Special Needs Assistants: Louise Doherty, Claire Whelan and Mary Daly
Secretary: Claire Whelan

Office Times: If a Parent/Guardian needs to contact the school to arrange an appointment with Class Teachers/Principal, or to inform teachers of appointments/changes to collection arrangements, please do so during the administrative hours of  8.15-8.40 and 14.40-15.30 Monday-Friday.

Holidays: Please see the following link for our  2020/21 School Calendar.

Useful Information for Parents of New Infants

We would like to welcome new Junior Infants and parents alike to Martinstown NS! September is an important month and your child is adjusting to their new routines and surroundings. We have put together some tips and information for you to ensure your child settles in as smoothly as possible.

Settling Into School

Helping Your Child Read

Helping Your Child To Speak

Helping Your Child With Homework

Resources for Parents

Parenting is a very rewarding job but one which can be difficult at times, especially when parents are faced with challenging situations. Below are details of a range of resources to support parents from information booklets to parenting courses for those difficult times.

Parenting Positively – Children 6 to 12 years

Parenting Positively is a series of booklets focused on supporting parents of children aged six to twelve years old. it aims to help parents better understand and support their children’s development, they also deal with some of the more complex life issues facing parents.  They cover themes such as death, separation, domestic abuse, bullying, drug and alcohol abuse. There are booklets for parents to read themselves and there are illustrated booklets for children, written in a child-friendly language, which parents can read with their children to help them through difficult times.

The goal of the series is to provide information and guidance to parents to help create positive, loving and supportive relationships between them and their children and also help parents to be better equipped to deal with some tough situations by offering tools and support. (source: TUSLA)

Booklets for Parents

These booklets outline how children may understand a particular issue and how you can support them through a difficult time. The first booklet focuses on Parenting Skills.

Booklets for Parents to read with their children

These booklets may help your child to better understand what is happening and help you as a parent to answer any questions he or she might have.

Curriculum Evaluation Report

Please click on the link below to view the Curriculum Evaluation Report for Maths.