Rules & Policies

Children cannot remember long lists of rules. Our school rules provide clear guidelines for members of our school community and pupils, as to what type of behaviour is expected within our school.

A list of class rules is devised by both class teacher and pupils and are discussed regularly to ensure everyone knows them.

Our Golden Rules

  • Be gentle: Don’t hurt anyone
  • Be kind and helpful: Don’t hurt people’s feelings
  • Be honest: Don’t cover up the truth
  • Work Hard: Don’t waste time
  • Listen to People: Don’t interrupt
  • Don’t damage things: Don’t take things that don’t belong to you.

School Policies

The following policies are in place in our school. Some policies are available to view online in the links below, hard copies of all are available to view in the school upon request:

Acceptable Use Policy
Administration of Medicine Policy
Admissions Policy
Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance Policy
CCTV System and Data Management Policy
Child Protection
Code of Behaviour
Complaints Policy
Critical Incident Policy & Plan
Data Protection Policy
Emergency Closures Policy
Exceptional Ability and Giftedness Policy
Fire and Evacuation Policy
Garda Vetting Policy
Homework Policy
Learning Support and Special Educational Needs Policy
Leave of Absence Policy
Policy on Exemption of Irish
Reception, Assembly & Dismissal of Pupils
Role and Purpose of Student Council Policy
Safety Statement
Splitting Classes Policy
Substance Use Policy
Supervision Policy
Wellbeing Policy
Whistleblowing Policy