Green Schools Green Flag Programme

green-school-logoIn 2012 Martinstown NS applied for our first Green Flag from Green Schools Ireland. The Green Schools Programme covers different aspects of the environment:

  • Litter and Waste
  • Energy
  • Water
  • Travel
  • Biodiversity
  • Global Citizenship

Our first theme was Litter and Waste. We set about working to raise awareness on Litter and waste in our school and local environment. Our challenge was to encourage people to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The Green School Committee put together an action plan.

  • In April 2012 all the staff, parents and pupils went out on the roads of Martinstown to collect litter as part of Nation Spring Clean Day.
  • Children were encouraged to take their lunch rubbish home.
  • Litter was reduced in our wheelie bins.
  • Litter Wardens were appointed for each yard in the school.
  • We held a fashion show on our Day of Action. Pupils in 1st-6th class designed a piece of clothing made from recycled materials.

Once work on all areas of our action plan was completed, we had our Green Flag Assessment Visit for the Green Schools assessor in April 2013. They were very impressed with all of our work and we were awarded our first Green Flag!

The next step of the programme we are currently working on is Energy. Our challenge will be to encourage everyone in school and at home to use energy efficiently.

Thank you to all the parents, pupils and staff in Martinstown NS for working with us to help achieve our first Green Flag which flies proudly on our school grounds. We hope to be as successful in our work for the schools second Green Flag!


1st Green Flag 2013 for “Litter and Waste”

Our second theme was the Energy Theme. Several suggestions were made at our first Green Schools meeting and were implemented throughout the year.

  • pupils could wear white body-warmers under their jumpers so we could turn down the heating.
  • draft excluders were made for classroom doors, ┬áto prevent heat loss.
  • ESB meter was read daily to monitor usage.
  • children were encouraged to increase their level of awareness regarding energy consumption.
  • a new motto was agreed “One, two three climb a tree, don’t be inside wasting electricity.”
  • to continue with the recycle theme a recycled fashion show was held.
  • Mr Gilbourne attended seminar on “Energy”.
  • low energy days were held.

Following an assessment in May 2015 we were awarded our 2nd Green Flag. Well done everyone, keep up the good work.

photo 1 (3)

2nd Green Flag Presentation 2015 for “Energy”