Now That’s What I Call Tables

This year 4th, 5th and 6th class pupils decided to create and design a product the would help children in school. Pupils came up with the idea to make tables into fun riddles, to make learning tables easier. They composed riddles, recorded them to CD and designed a fun key-ring with the riddles and tables on it, to attached to school bags/pencil cases.

Once to product was ready the sales team went to local schools, shops and the mart to sell their product. The product was so successful that they decided to make another batch to continue selling to interested customers. They presented their product to other schools at a showcase day in the Woodlands Hotel, where they received very positive reactions from other pupils and teachers. Funds raised this year will go towards our school garden, the pupils are brainstorming wonderful ideas for a unique school garden!

The Junior Entrepreneur Programme is a great programme which has promoted the children’s skills in literacy, numeracy, technology, storytelling, writing, research, presentation, problem solving, drawing, and team building. These skill are invaluable to the children as they prepare for the working world.

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