Martinstown’s Little Chef’s


In 2013 5th and 6th class pupils entered the Junior Entrepreneur Programme. The programme promotes skills useful in preparing children for the working world.

Pupils came up with the idea to publish a collection of family recipes in their own cookbook. They collected recipes from every family in the school, staff and even some celebrities! They worked hard to meet their deadline to get the book on the market in time for Christmas. Once all the editing was done a local business printed Martinstown Little Chefs, and the book went on sale in December. Funds raised from the sale of the book allowed us to purchase a Giant Chess set for our school which will help us to improve our chess skills and will provide hours of fun for everyone!

The Junior Entrepreneur Programme has helped pupils to develop a number of skills including literacy, writing, presentation, drawing, technology, research skills, numeracy, financial, consumer awareness, storytelling, listening skills, creative thinking, problem solving, team building and collaboration skills.

Pupils will present their project at the Showcase Day in the Woodlands Hotel in May. Well done to all our young entrepreneurs!

JEP 2014