Helping Your Child With Homework

Homework is an important “bridge” from school to home, and vice versa. It gives your child the chance to ‘show off’ what they have learned at school to their family at home. It gives parents a chance to see what progress he/she is making each day.

Homework is given each evening Monday to Thursday inclusive. For infants, all homework is enclosed in the child’s plastic folder. This folder is a vital communication tool as it also will contain notices from school / form’s from the Health Board / school opening / closing times, etc. Also, if you wish to notify your child’s teacher please also use the folder to send in a message or return a form. Morning and afternoons are busy times at school and you may not get the chance to speak to the teacher – instead send a message in the folder.

The following are some tips which will help with homework.

  • Better early than late:Try and start the homework early in the evening time before your child gets too tired.
  • Quiet Please:Switch off the television / console game / radio and find a quiet space for you and your child during homework time.
  • A special time:Make a big fuss over your child’s homework. Encourage him to talk about his day at school. Engage with him and show him that you are enthusiastic and interested in his school life.
  • What is involved: For Junior Infants, homework begins with the sound book. Listen to him/her saying the sounds, doing the actions and perhaps to sing the song. A worksheet may be included and you should encourage him to “try his best” at tracing and colouring it in. Later on, the words will be introduced. You should listen to him/her as they sound out and blend the words in the book. Two Tricky words per week will also be introduced in the folder. These are ‘sight words’ so he/she cannot sound them out – he/she has to learn them.
  • How long should it take: This very much depends on your child and you! It should take at least 15 minutes and really no longer than 30 minutes, as it becomes unproductive thereafter!!! You may choose to do colouring first and sounds later – parents, you know best in this regard. Your child will get the hang of it and you should see this by the end of September. Homework activity sheets/workbook activities must be signed by parents every night.