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Newsletter March 2021

Covid – 19

We would like to sincerely thank you for continuing to adhere to the Covid 19 protocols for our schools. We appreciate your ongoing support in keeping children home from school when they are sick, thank you. Please note that if your child has been absent you must complete the return to school declaration prior to your child returning to school. These are checked by the school every morning. We will continue to work together to ensure we keep our students, staff and community safe during this time. We would ask that you continue to follow government guidelines and not to arrange playdates during the Easter break.

School Calendar

After consultation with the school staff we have decided to not take a full week at the beginning of June. We would like to give as much time as we can to teaching and learning without interruption. The school will close on Monday the 7th and Tuesday the 8th of June only and on Friday the 25th of June for the summer holidays.

Amber Flag

A big thank you to Ms Butler and six class who had the opportunity of raising the Amber Flag after a long wait. Congratulations to all.


We were delighted to take part in the Team Limerick Clean Up this year. 3rd to 6th class pupils and teachers took to the roads around our community on Wednesday 24th and Thursday 25th and have done an excellent job. Well done to all and thank you to Mr. Gilbourne for organising this.


Our school has been asked to help fundraise on behalf of a young boy Marek who is battling Lymphocytic Leukemia. The foundation to which he belongs have offered to collect bottle caps which he exchanges for money to buy much needed medicine. We are asking all our pupils to help collect as many bottle caps as you can. We will have a prize for the class that collects the most so get collecting!!!!


School will reopen on Monday 12th April.

On behalf of all the staff I would like to wish you a safe and happy Easter.

Return to School March 15th

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to having our 3rd to 6th class pupils returning to in class teaching on Monday 15th of March. I would like to thank all our pupils and parents for their patience and support during this school closure. It has been a difficult time for pupils and our focus in the coming weeks will be to ensure a safe and positive return to in class learning for all.

We would kindly ask that parents familiarise themselves once again with the Return to school protocols and to complete the Return to School Declaration which will be available on Aladdin from Sunday 14th at 3pm. Changes to Aladdin: You will no longer receive a notification from Aladdin to complete absences. When your child is absent you must log in and complete the return to school declaration noting the reason for absence. If your child is late for school or being collected early you must notify teachers via Aladdin.

Information for parents is available by clicking:

Martinstown NS Protocols

As we are still in level 5 restrictions and COVID cases remain high, we would ask that you remain in your car until your child is exiting the building. A mask must be worn by all parents if you exit your car. We have been advised by the department to remind parents to not congregate in the carpark before or after school nor arrange playdates with friends outside of the school day.

Staggered pickup times will recommence from March 15th : 1st /2nd 2.20pm, 3rd/4th 2:25pm, 5th /6th 2:30pm.

I would like to thank all the parents for their kind words and praise in acknowledging the dedication and support of the staff during this time of Remote Teaching and Learning. It is much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday.

Take care and stay safe,

Majella Clarke


Return to School March 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all well. Following the government press release yesterday, we are delighted to be welcoming back our Juniors to 2nd class pupils on Monday March 1st. We are also looking forward to the return of our 3rd to 6th class pupils on March 15th.

Unfortunately, our country is still under level 5 restrictions and we ask that parents please continue to follow the schools’ guidance when dropping and collecting pupils. We would ask that you remain in your car until your child is exiting the building. Information for parents is available by clicking :

Martinstown NS Protocols

We would like to once again thank you all for the support you have given the teachers and for your engagement with our Remote Teaching and Learning Programme. We appreciate these are challenging times for everyone however we will continue to work together to keep Martinstown NS Covid free. I hope to see you all very soon.

Thank you and stay safe,

Majella Clarke

Return to Online Learning

Dear Parents,

I hope you are all safe and well after the Christmas break. As Covid19 numbers have escalated to all new highs since we closed for Christmas, and following the minister’s announcement, Martinstown NS will reopen for remote learning from Monday 11th January.

We will once again be using the Seesaw platform, however based on your feedback, we will be using pre-recorded lessons for Maths, English and Irish. Instruction will be given in addition to this with teachers working online to give feedback to students each day. We will also have extra support in place for students who are having difficulty with any topic. Parents will be encouraged to contact the class teacher should they require further support. Your class teacher will be in contact with you in due course to provide you with more information.
Please Note: we would ask that Seesaw be only used for the uploading of assigned work from your teacher and that pupils do not use it for uploading personal content i.e. personal photos/ videos unrelated to assigned work.

As students will need access to their books, these will be made available for collection between 1pm and 4pm on Friday 8th January. We would ask that you use the car park in the same way as the usual morning drop off. Please remain in your car, your child’s books will be placed in your boot.

We hope you all stay safe through these next few weeks, and plead with you all to fully adhere to government guidelines. It is by working together once again that we will ensure a safe return to school as soon as possible.

Stay safe,

Majella Clarke.

Extension to Christmas Holidays

Dear Parents,

We would like to wish you all a very happy New Year and hope that you have been keeping safe and well and are enjoying the Christmas holidays.

The situation with Covid-19 has unfortunately deteriorated since we started our Christmas holidays. Minister for Education Norma Foley announced “The Christmas school break will be extended for three additional days to 11 January. This will allow every member of the school community to follow public health advice closely and minimise their contacts before children return to school.

This remains the current information available and we hope to see you all again on January 11th.

Stay safe,

Majella Clarke

December Newsletter

Enrolment 2021/22: We are now enrolling for September 2021. Enrolment forms are available to download on our website, alternatively please contact school reception.

Christmas Performance: Well done to all classes who recorded their wonderful Christmas performances last week. A link has been sent to all families to enjoy, please feel free to share the link with your families.

Credit Union Calendar: Congratulations to Sophie Buston whose wonderful photo was chosen to be published in the 2021 Credit Union calendar. Pupils will be able to view all photos taken for the competition on our gallery wall.

Green Schools: The Green Schools committee are delighted to say that their application for a cycle shelter has been approved. We look forward to having it installed in the new year.

Rise4Dáithí: The student council would like to thank you all for supporting our Rise4Dáithí fundraiser. Christmas decorations were hung on our Christmas tree and will now be sent home with families for Christmas. Hat sales are going well, these will still be on sale after Christmas.

Giraffe: The school was delighted to support the save Dublin Zoo campaign by adopting a giraffe. The giraffe was chosen as a symbolic representation of our Restorative Practice approach. Giraffes have the largest heart of all land animals. We held a naming competition within the school and Stefan’s name “Pearl” was chosen. We look forward to hearing updates on Pearl during the year.

Car Park: The new system in the car park is working well in the mornings. Thank you all for your ongoing cooperation with this.

Covid-19: We would like to sincerely thank you for your support with all Covid 19 protocols and guidelines. We appreciate your ongoing support in keeping children home from school when they are sick, thank you. We will continue to work together to ensure we keep our students, staff and community safe during this time.

Reopening: School will reopen on Wednesday 6th January.

On behalf of the staff and Board of Management I would like to wish you all a safe and Happy Christmas, and best wishes for the new year.  

Majella Clarke, Principal.

Enrolment 2021/22

We are now accepting enrolment applications for the 2021/22 school year.

Please see our School Admission Notice for information on application deadlines.

Enrolment forms are available to download below, alternatively please phone/email the school and we will send you a copy.

We look forward to receiving your application.

Martinstown NS Pupils #Rise4Dáithí Fundraiser

A Christmas tree has been erected in the school grounds. This is a symbol of the coming together of our community to support one another during these difficult times. The pupils of Martinstown NS would like to invite all families in the area to be represented on the tree. One decoration will be assigned to each family in the school and your family name will be displayed on the tree.

As part of this fundraiser we will also be selling Rise4 Dáithí bobble hats. The colour and design were chosen by the children. These are an ideal present or stocking filler for all ages.

A link to purchase the following options will be made available on Aladdin today:

Personalised Tree Decoration €10

Hat €15

Deal – 2 Hats & Decoration €30         

If you can sell any of the above to family, friends or neighbours- where possible please put payment through Aladdin to avoid sending cash to school. Alternatively, please put the exact amount in an envelope, write the order on the front of the envelope and send in to school. (If purchasing a tree decoration please write family name clearly on the front of the envelope.) 

We will begin to place decorations on the Christmas tree from Tuesday 8th December. There is a limited amount of decorations and hats available.

To support Dáithí’s journey home, proceeds from our hat and decorations sales will go to the #Rise4Dáithí fund.  The pupils are very excited about being able to contribute to this campaign in a special way. We appreciate all your support towards this.

October Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The Staff and Board of Management would like to sincerely thank you and all our pupils for your continued co-operation and support in preventing the spread of Covid- 19 in our school community. It is an uncertain time for all of us as the country enters level 5 restrictions, however the well-being of our pupils, parents and staff will remain our top priority as we endeavour to keep our school open.

Jersey Day: Thank you to everyone who donned their jersey on Friday 25th September in a show of support for the Rise4Daithí campaign. The total raised was € 510.80. We were delighted to have Dáithí check in with us on the day. It is fantastic that Dáithí will be coming home for a visit and we wish him the very best as he continues his journey. Keep it up Dáithí!!

Maths Week: Well done to all classes who shared some of their super maths activities with us on Facebook. Great fun was had by all.

Student Council: Congratulations to the newly elected Student Council: Caoimhe O Farrell, Darragh Carmody, Conor Carmody, Lucy Heffernan, Conor O Riordan, Mia McCarthy, Sarah O Riordan, Sean Kelly, Kate Ryan, Calvin Wallace, Paddy O Sullivan, Rossa O Leary and Keira O Loughlin.

Survey Feedback: Thank you to all who completed the online Parent Survey, we are overwhelmed by the kind words of encouragement, and acknowledgement of our efforts to ensure a safe return to school for all since reopening. In answer to some queries and concerns please note the following:

SeeSaw: In the event of a school closure, we will be using the SeeSaw platform to deliver the curriculum to students. Teachers will provide pre-recorded lessons for the core subject areas. Thematic planning will allow for cross-curricular links i.e. integration with SESE, Art, SPHE.

Instruction will be given alongside these video lessons and daily feedback will be given to students. This will facilitate all students to have equal access to the curriculum. Teachers will facilitate individual Zoom support lessons if a child has difficulty with a topic. Parents will be encouraged to contact the teacher should they require further support.

Car Park: To try to alleviate congestion in the carpark in the morning the following changes will be made after midterm: Teachers will park at the bottom of the car park and the same system of “drop and go” will operate directly outside the school gate. Cones will be laid out for the morning drop off system and removed before home time collections. Mr. Gilbourne will be in car park for a few weeks after midterm to assist with the smooth transition of this new system. We would appreciate that you ensure to inform grandparents/childminders of this change.

Home Time Collections: Thank you to everyone for your cooperation with the staggered pick up times in the afternoon for 1st -6th classes. Class teachers will continue to escort children to the school gate, we ask parents to stay at your car and children will walk to you via footpath.

At the Junior and Senior Infant home time can parents please stand at the footpath closest to your car to meet your child , this will ensure children do not walk between cars.

Pods: Social distancing is practiced as much as is practicable in each classroom, with each classroom being considered a bubble and each bubble divided into pods from 3rd-6th class. Changes to pods in 3rd-6th class will only take place at midterms, Christmas and Easter. (“It is recognised that younger children are unlikely to maintain physical distancing indoors. Therefore, achieving this recommendation in the first four years of primary school, is not a pre-requisite to reopening a primary school. The aim of the system within the school is that class grouping mix only with their own class from arrival at school in the morning until departure at the end of the school day. The Pods within those Class Bubbles is an additional measure, to limit the extent of close contact within the Class Bubble.”) COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable reopening of Primary and Special Schools.

Books: Children have their own storage for books at their desk and each child has their own textbooks/workbooks. There is no sharing of books in school, therefore children can take their own books home each evening as they are the only ones handling them.

Parent-Teacher Meetings: Class teachers will arrange phone meetings with parents at the end of November. A schedule of times will be made available to book on Aladdin after midterm, you will receive a text when bookings are open. We hope to facilitate face-to-face parent-teacher meetings in the new year.

Covid-19: As we approach the colder months, please be aware that windows will be open in classrooms to provide adequate ventilation. Although rooms will be heated, we advise parents to ensure children wear an extra layer under their uniform. There will be additional outdoor time during the school day, please ensure your child brings a coat to school every day.  

If children display any Covid-19 symptoms, they must be kept home, and parents should contact their GP. If you are unsure whether to send your child to school any morning, please contact reception before sending them to school and we will help to clarify. Keep an eye on the Parent Info section of the school website where we have the most up to date information on recommended guidelines.

We must continue to work together in our efforts to ensure we keep our students, staff and community safe during this time. Wishing you all a safe, happy and very well-deserved break.

Your sincerely,

Majella Clarke, Principal.

September Newsletter

Dear Parents,

The staff and Board of Management would like to welcome all our pupils back after the long break.  We would like to extend a special warm welcome to our new Junior Infants: Will, Maia, Jack, Hana, Haidi, Ellie Mae, Diarmuid, Chloe and Aoife, and to Stefan who has also joined our 6th class. We hope you will be very happy in our school. 

Thank you to everyone for your support and cooperation over the last week, as we introduced new protocols to ensure a safe reopening for all, the kind words of encouragement were much appreciated. If at any stage you are unsure of anything don’t hesitate to contact us, via the options outlined below.

Aladdin Connect: We are delighted to have Aladdin Connect set up in the school. This system has many benefits including:

– Keeping parents up to date on school and classroom news via noticeboard messages.

– Allows parents to directly message class teachers about appointments/early collections etc.

–Ensuring that the school has their most up to date contact information

– Allows parents to quickly and efficiently select preferred slots for parent teacher meetings (date to be confirmed)
– Keeping parents apprised of their child’s attendance

– Allowing parents view their child’s approved report card

Contacting the school: Any information regarding early collection/change to collection arrangements for children can be directly sent to class teachers on Aladdin Connect.

The school reception is available in the morning from 8.15-8.30 and the afternoon from 2.30-3.30. In case of emergency during the school day parents can contact the school mobile on 086-4106238.

Church Car Park: There is a “drop and go system” in operation in the car park. Please enter at the end and exit at the top of the car park. If parents need to park for any reason, please park at the end of the car park and walk up using the footpath. Please do not park or drop off at the top of the car park as we ask for this area to be kept free for staff to park in the morning. Please ensure that childminders/anyone collecting children are made aware of this arrangement. If you are unsure of this system, please contact Ms. Clarke.

Holy Communion and Confirmation: Congratulations to all who received First Holy Communion and Confirmation over the last few weeks. Thank you to Fr. Chris, Fr. Casey, Ms. Butler, Ms. Anglim and all the parents who helped make these celebrations possible during this difficult time.

E-payments: There is a high volume of schools signing up for e-payments this year, as a result there is a slight delay and our payment facility won’t be available on Aladdin Connect until early October, we will notify parents when this is available. The following payments can be made when this is ready: Book Rental:  That cost of Book Rental will remain the same again this year, €50 per child. Photocopying: Every year we try to keep our book list costs as low as possible. To be able to continue to do this, there will be a cost of €25 per family for photocopying. Pupil Insurance: If families wish to purchase Allianz Pupil Personal insurance the cost is: €6 – School Activities only or €9 – 24 hour cover.

First Holy Communion 2021: As guidelines continue to change during these uncertain times the advice from the Diocesan Office is that no date should be set at this time for First Holy Communion 2021. We will keep you updated as we know more.

Jersey Day: We will have a Jersey Day in school on Friday 25th September to support the Rise4Daithí campaign. Donations of €2 per child will be collected on the day. We wish Daithi well on his road to recover and are delighted to hear of his progress so far.

Covid-19: If children display any Covid-19 symptoms, they must be kept home, and parents should contact their GP. If you are unsure whether to send your child to school any morning, please contact reception before sending them to school and we will help to clarify. Keep an eye on the Parent Info section of the school website where we have the most up to date information on recommended guidelines.