Covid-19 Announcement

Please be advised following the announcement from Leo Varadkar, as of 6pm today all schools will close from tomorrow until the 29th March.

All pupils and students, from pre-school to third level are urged to practice social distancing, and to minimise physical contact with each other, to help avoid the spread of Covid-19. This should include minimising social contact, avoiding meeting up and keeping physical space between them. Parents and guardians are urged to support their children to maintain this approach.

School Events:

The following school events have been postponed:

  • Mass for the First Holy Communion class – Sunday 15th March.
  • First Confession – 19th March
  • Swimming – 13th, 20th, 27th March
  • FAI tournament – 23rd March

Rescheduled dates to be confirmed.

Religious Sacraments going ahead:

Confirmation is going ahead as planned on 7th May. School will be closed on this day, members of the school choir to attend Confirmation mass at 10.30.*

First Holy Communion 9th May.*

*This is subject to change.

Work for pupils from teachers:

Juniors, Seniors, 1st class: Ms. Crowe has sent home a booklet of work with instructions for completion.

2nd Class: Ms. Clarke has compiled a programme of work to be completed during school closure.

3rd – 6th Class: Mr Gilbourne and Ms Butler have compiled a schedule of work for their classes and required books are being sent home.

While work has been assigned to children during the closure we encourage parents to assist children with their work as best they can, at a set time each day. Any difficulty with work will be fully revised with pupils upon return to school.

We again remind parents to be mindful of their conversations with children regarding Covid-19. In an effort to minimise anxiety in children, it is best keep information factual, and continue to encourage good hand hygiene and personal space.

We will keep parents informed of any new updates via TextaParent as we get them.