Newsletter November 2018

Parent Teacher Meetings: Parent teacher meetings will take place from Monday 26th November to Thursday 29th November. Two parent teacher meetings will take place this year to keep parents updated on their child’s progress. The follow-up parent teacher meeting will occur in March 2019.  Please call reception between 8.30-9.00 and 3.00-3.30 to arrange a time.

Orchestra: 2nd, 3rd and 4th class will take part in the Orchestra programme run by Musica Fusion School of Music on Friday 30th November.  Pupils will learn all about the different instruments in the orchestra, the different sections of the orchestra, what a score is and what a conductor does.

Debate: Well done to our  debating team Leagh, Clodagh, Muireann and Michael who successfully opposed the motion  “Todays Children Will Inherit a Better World” against Feenagh NS. Congratulations also to our second debate team Caoimhe, Tara, Meábh and who took part in a friendly debate against Feenagh NS opposing the motion today “Homework Should Be Banned”.

Christmas Carol Service and Nativity: The school Christmas Carol Service and Nativity will take place on the evening of Thursday 20th December at 7pm. There will be tea/coffee and refreshments in the school afterwards.

Bag Packing: Bag packing will take place in Ryan’s Supervalu Kilmallock on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th of December. Please contact reception to volunteer for a two hour slot on one of these days. This is our main annual fundraiser and all funds raised subsidise various school related events and trips throughout the year for all pupils. So therefore we would greatly appreciate support from all families.